Available Work Available Fractured Glass Abstracts Florals Trees Functional and 3D Installations SOLD

Artist Statement

My artwork, a collection of abstract and floral abstract paintings, combining rich, deep colors and subtle shadings, presented on back painted glass.  The effect is quite unlike any other.  I start with a clear piece of glass, an empty canvas.  With a brush I blend the paints directly on the surface using heat and a combination of liquids to move my colors.  Creating a very organic, earthy feel.  It is then sealed permanently.

My painting reflects my experiences.  My experiences are borne of my environment.  I believe that experience is always positive or negative, never neutral.  It is as if my life is a creation of the art, not the other way around and, at this point, I see them as inseparable.

My new Fractured Work collection , was truly a labor of love. I began working on stabilizing the beautiful randomness of shattered class...at least off an on...about a decade ago and just a few years into my career. There’s something about the way light plays on the facets that speaks to me. I’m truly excited about introducing this evolution in my work. 




Glenwood Springs CO