Available Work Available Fractured Glass Abstracts Florals Trees Functional and 3D Installations SOLD
Southwest 60x48
Stacked 30x60
Into the Sea 48x36
White Lightening 30x60
Complicated 68x48
Morning Peace 36x60
Striped World 36x48
The Outer Edge 60x60
Blue River 60" x 60"
Going Beyond 60x48
Turquoise Lightening 36x48
The Other Side 56x60
Shades of Grey 48x30
Caught in the Rain 60x60
Blue Hue 48x36
Lave Storm 60x30
Colors of Rain 60x60
From the Forest to the Sky 60" x 30"
Golden 60x36
Color of Black 56x60
Pyramid 30x60
In Orbit 42" x 42 "
Brimstone 42" x 42"
Lava River 36" x 24"
From Above 24" x48"
Connected 48" x 24"
The Pond 18" x 18"
Across the Sky
Mountain in the sky 42" x 42"
Raining Color 60x36
Underworld 36" x 36"
Molten 48" x24"
of many colors 48" x 36"
horizontal mountain 60x60
Black and White
In the square 48" x 24"
Mirror Image 72x48
Six Moons 60" x 30"
Naturally 36x36
Peek a Boo 48" x 24"
Lazy Afternoon 48" x 24"
Writing on the Wall 12" x 20"
Coral 20" x 60"
24x48 sold
20x60 sold
36x72 sold
36x72 sold
Tryptech 24x84 sold
24x48 The Herd
Four Square 24x24 $575 Each
Second Five 10x46 sold
Back Painted Glass (5) 10" x 48
The Rainforest Triptych 20x60;s SOLD
Coral Reef Triptych 20x60's SOLD
Get lost with me Diptych 36x48 SOLD
Copper Rain Diptych 20x60;s SOLD
Tenerife Sea Diptych 30x60's SOLD
5- 10x48 SOLD
Purple Scene 48x36
Into the view 30x60 SOLD
Whirled View 20x60 $1200
Geometry Sky 30x36
World View 30x36
Into the Mountain SOLD
On the other side 36x48 SOLD
Enchanted Fores 20x60 SOLD
Pacific Northwest Back Painted Glass 48" x 72" $3400
Sunrise Sunset Back Painted Glass 48" x 72" $3400
Sunrise Sunset Back Painted Glass 48" x 72" $3400
Connected 48" x 24"
In the square 48" x 24"
of many colors 48" x 36"
Blue River 60" x 60"
Into the Sea 48x36
Glenwood Springs CO